Are E-Cigarettes Addictive?

You’ve seen the buzz, haven’t you? E-Cigarettes are hot right now, and they’re just getting hotter by the minute. No more of that nasty tobacco to mess with. No more smelling like cigarettes after lighting up. No more icky ash trays – YAY! The delights of switching to e-cigarettes are tempting. But you wonder….are they addictive like regular tobacco cigarettes are? After all, the testimonials keep showing smokers saying that e-cigs helped them quit, or significantly reduce, their use of tobacco cigarettes. You’ve always secretly wanted to quit smoking; your friends and family who don’t smoke constantly beg you to stop that filthy, nasty habit. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve finally found the answer. But you haven’t seen anything definitive that answers this one nagging question for you – are they addictive?

Nicotine folks

Newsflash, in case you hadn’t heard already, nicotine is addictive. Now that we’ve got that pesky little detail out of the way, let’s get back to the question at hand. Are e-cigarettes addictive? Well, it depends. There are two distinct types of e-cigarettes on the market: those with nicotine and those without nicotine. So logic would tell you that the e-cigs that don’t contain any nicotine aren’t addictive. And research done thus far would indicate that you’d be correct (more on this later). It probably goes without saying, but let’s just get this out in the open right now before we get any further, those e-cigs that do contain nicotine, those are addictive, remember nicotine is an addictive substance? We covered that earlier. So the very short answer to the burning question is – it depends on which ones you buy.

Choices, Choices

With so many choices of e-cigarettes on the market, you might be confused what to try. We’ve already covered nicotine-laden versus nicotine-free options. But there are more flavors of e-cigarettes than there are of ice cream (ok, maybe not ice cream). Flavors? Yes, like chocolate, bubble gum, strawberry, cherry, and the like. So when you go down to the corner market and ask to see their e-cigarette selection, you might not get the full array available, only what they’ve chosen to carry in stock. The most popular brand is NJOY, highly rated, highly sought after. Not that you’d care about something like that. You can order them online though – if you want to try out something that you just can’t locate locally.

Are they safe?

So we’ve covered the ‘are e-cigarettes addictive’ question for you. But are e-cigarettes a safe alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes? I mean, are they really just like smoking candy? After all with the flavors available one might wonder if they were marketing to kids or sophisticated ‘Audrey Hepburn-like’ adults like you. Research is still pending by the FDA, but early research indicates that there is much we just don’t know yet about e-cigarettes about whether or not they are safe. Smoking nicotine vapors has not been thoroughly tested to completely understand the effects of this type of nicotine ingestion on the brain and the lungs. Enough research has been done already to prove that smoking one produces the same results on the lung as a tobacco cigarette, so no good news there. However, proponents believe they are safe, and they’ll even tell you as much. But then again, they said regular tobacco cigarettes were safe 50-60 years ago, and look how that turned out. Additionally, the jury is still out on whether or not the secondhand vapor smoke is good or bad for those sitting next to you. So don’t make the switch for the wrong reasons.

But if you want to kick your nicotine habit, smoking nicotine-free e-cigarettes might be something you’ll want to look into!