Why is Switching Over to E-Cigs Better Than Quitting Smoking

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking in the past is aware of the painful cold turkey they had to go through. 85% of those who have been smoking for years AND trying to quit for years, haven’t managed to do so.

It’s not about willpower. It’s about the body too; in fact it’s more about the body than the mind. Tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, and nicotine, like caffeine, is physically addictive. When you smoke, you inhale nicotine, which gives a relaxing and pleasurable feel.

It is precisely the reason why smokers start associating cigarette with pleasure. During cold turkey, not only do they feel deprived of this ‘pleasure’ the lack of nicotine supply to the bloodstream make them feel sick and uncomfortable.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms further make it difficult to stay on the path to quit. When you’re battling, headaches, nausea, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and other equally discomforting symptoms, the mind and body both agree on going back to smoking.

It’s okay to not quit. And with an alternative that caters to both the physiological and psychological aspects of smoking without the health hazards, you don’t have to quit. Just switch over!

Advantages of switching to Electronic Cigarette

By now, everyone has heard, read, or tried the electronic cigarette. The real alternative to tobacco cigarettes, these e-cigs are a healthier option when compared to its tobacco counterpart. Here are some advantages of going the electronic way:

  • Tobacco cigarettes are a storehouse of carcinogens that lead to numerous fatal diseases. While the health part of electronic cigarettes is still under scrutiny and study, one thing is for sure that when put up against tobacco cigarettes, these definitely come out better due to the lack of carcinogens and tar.
  • As mentioned above, nicotine addiction is the main reason why people can’t quit. Most e-cigs come with nicotine-laced flavors that ensure you get your daily dose of nicotine. Some brands feature the facility of adjusting the nicotine level too.
  • While smoking has its health implications, it is a fact that second and third-hand smoke too pose potential danger. From asthma to cancer, passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. There’s a reason why smoking is banned at most public places. However, with electronic cigarette, there is no smoke, only vapor and which, as per recent studies does not pose threat to passersby.
  • The typical cigarette smoke that lingers on for hours can be annoying and some people are allergic to the very smell. Since electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco or produce smoke, there is no ‘smell’ left behind.
  • You can choose an e-liquid in your choice of flavor.
  • If you do the math, tobacco cigarettes are not only expensive but their prices go up considerably from time to time due to the exorbitant taxes. With e-cigarettes, you’re purchasing these at a much less cost that more or less remains stable.
  • Lastly, with e-cigarettes there’s no harm in smoking in public and social events. Although, some people still need to warm up to the idea of vaping (smoking electronic cigarettes) in public as they often mistake it for the real thing, you can expect to be freely vaping in public in the recent future.

Kick the dangerous habit today without having to go through cold turkey- opt for an electronic cigarette!