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Green Smoke was founded in 2008 as an electronic cigarette company and in four years the company has gone global with high sales figures of millions as the company offered the smokers the satisfaction of vaping without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere or making others, passive smokers. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette give the consumers unmatched taste, unparalleled quality and the freedom to light up almost anywhere.

Green Smoke’s pioneering design consists of a two-piece flavored cartridge (also known as a cartomizer) and a long lasting battery to heat the cartomizer to produce a thick and flavored vapor.  It is easy to use too. All it needs is to twist the batteries and cartomizer together and start puffing. Green Smoke e-cig has a lot of kits on offer so finding the one that is convenient for you is not a problem at all. With five tobacco strength variants and five great flavors to choose from, Green Smoke offers a wide choice to its customers. This, coupled with long lasting batteries and a most realistic looking design, makes their products top notch in the industry today.

The company has top notch Customer Care Service dedicated to handling queries of first time users. Often, buyers of e-cigarettes are not familiar with this new way of smoking and need some help from the support staff. Green Smoke has ensured that all customer service personnel are knowledgeable and well equipped to deal with all types of inquiries from first time users to irate customers requesting refunds. The customer care services are available seven days a week through live chat, phone calls and emails or e-tickets.

GreenSmoke tries to ensure easy and hassle-free online experience, and offers free shipping on all products purchased online over $100. Though this offer is only available to US customers.

The company offers one of the best warranty deals in the E-Cig market today. The warranty is on batteries and is valid for a year. Once the warranty period is over the customers have the choice of three replacements, if a cartridge has been bought within three months of replacement request. For the defective kits to be replaced, Green Smoke requests the customers to send them back prior to replacement. While every effort is made to keep this time short so as not to deprive our customers of their products, the entire process can take up to two week or even slightly longer. Green Smoke offers its users a 30 day 100% money back policy for defective products bought from their websites, but this is for the starter kit only.

With its superior features, Green Smoke is head and shoulders ahead above other brands in the e-cigarette market. Green Smoke ensures customer satisfaction by providing a great flavor, ease of use and vaping. Be sure to use our Green Smoke discount code above to get the best deals on kits and accessories.