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The whole idea behind Vapor4Life was brought into reality by Steve Milin, a seasoned smoker, who sought to look for healthier ways of smoking cigarettes – thus Vapor4Life e-cigarette was born.

E-cigarettes are just perfect for anyone who wants to curtail the way he smokes the real thing or anyone who wants to quit smoking completely. Steve Mills is in a better position to understand the hazards of continued indulgence in cigarette smoking. That is why he sought out to discover alternative means, and today every vaper can now benefit from his innovative ideas. Though not the pioneer brand, Vapor4Life has completely transformed e-cig vaping, making it a completely enjoyable experience.

Vapor4Life provides a very good alternative to the traditional cigarette by creating a stimulant to the sensation and act of smoking. They are battery operated which vaporize a liquid solution of nicotine and flavoring. V4L has the highest combination of e-cigarette flavors with more than 180 available to choose from.

However, the reason why vapor4life has continued to remain a market leader is not only because of its unique batteries; there’s something more. As stated earlier, vapor4life has the highest variety of flavors, giving you a wide range of options to suit your taste and personality. If you want to get a realistic taste of tobacco, V4L’s mission from inception has been to maintain this goal of providing real tobacco flavors that effectively replaces the rich taste of your best tobacco brands.

The Vappor Zeus has a 900 mAh battery with a new cartomizer capable of holding about 3ml of e-liquid. The good thing is that it can actually be refilled a ridiculous number of times. Its 5 volts battery beats most other batteries that run on 3.7 volts. For the adept vapers, this product is definitely going to be a specialty. Remember to use our Vapor4Life coupon to save on your next order.