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White Cloud e-cig is considered one of the leading e-cigarette brands. White Cloud opened its doors to vapers in 2007 and they have been serving the community ever since. One thing that White Cloud Cigarettes are known for is the range of nicotine levels they offer. Starting from 0mg and going all the way to 36mg nicotine level. If you’re a heavy smoker, White Cloud is a good option worth considering.

There’s one peculiar thing about the design and packaging of White Cloud e-cigs. While sourcing their parts from other e-cig manufacturers seemed like the simple route for a start up like WC, they refused to follow the trend. Rather, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that all the generic parts of White Cloud Cigarette, including custom branding, custom box, and logo, are produced with their own technology. You might ask why this customization proves to be an advantage. This was done to enable them to serve vapers better and ensure that users are not getting anything lesser than a unique and classy product.

Also, White Cloud is based on lithium polymer design. This means that their products can survive accidental falls and allow more volume of vapor than most other products in the market.

White Cloud Cigarettes offers four basic kits:

  • There’s the Circus Variety Kit which contains 5 cartridges, an AC adapter, a USB charger, and 3 batteries. It goes for $149.95.
  • The circus 3x Starter Kit contains an adapter, a USB charger, a user manual, 5 cartridges, and 3 batteries. This whole package can be ordered for $199.95.
  • If you are going for the Circus 2 Starter Kit, the components usually consist of a user manual, a USB charger, 5 cartridges, and 2 batteries. This one is cheaper than the Circus 3x and goes for $69.95.
  • Circus 3 comes with an AC adapter, a squid charger, 15 cartridges, 3 batteries, and a user manual all with a price tag of $129.95.

From the above, it is evident that you have a wide range of options regarding the type of kits that will suit your needs.

White Cloud Cigarettes come with a 6-month warranty and you can get an extended warranty of two years when you pay an additional $29. However, you won’t need to pay this fee if you’re going for the Circus 3X Kit as it is included in the price.

WC has even gone a step further by introducing Phantom, their premium product, for those vapers who want a more comprehensive package. Phantom has more features and comes with a membership card, 5 regular cartridges, 5 low vapor cartridges, an AC adapter, Squid charger, 3 batteries, and a locking box. The product was designed specifically to enable people smoke e-cigarettes indoors without causing too much obstruction or drawing too much attention. Its low vapor cartridges ensure that the little vapor it creates is dissipated quickly.

With an incredible throat hit, White Cloud  makes sure that you get the strongest feel which cannot be found anywhere else. If you love taking e-cigarettes with strong throat hit, then you are welcome on board. But if you’re not a lover of strong e-cigarettes, you might as well look elsewhere. Don’t forget to use one of our White Cloud e-cig coupon codes to save on your next order.