E-Cig Reviews

Below are the Top 10 best e-cigs of this year, based on ratings from E-Cig Buzz editors and users. Read our e-cig reviews and find a starter kit to help you drop that tobacco!

Vapor Couture Reviews

Vapor Couture has been making major waves since its launch as the latest venture from the well-known brand of e-cigarettes, V2. Instigated by flagship company VMR... Read more →

Apollo e-Cig Review

With a growing range of eCigarette brands available in the marketplace, smokers looking to move towards electronic cigarettes now have plenty of options from which to... Read more →

Vapor4Life Review

The success of Vapor4Life is truly a word-of-mouth phenomenon, which is perhaps true of the larger e-cig revolution as a whole. The company first found its roots in... Read more →

White Cloud Cigarettes Review

If you’re an avid smoker, you know the toll smoking takes on your body and your wallet. Searching for a healthier, more affordable way is made easy with electronic... Read more →

VaporFi Review

If you’ve tried electronic cigarettes and decided it’s time to try something more complex, interesting, and fun, it’s time to take the step up to VaporFi... Read more →

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Taking e-liquid flavor to a new level, Black Note manages to redefine what is possible in e-liquids with eight premium, high quality flavors extracted from the world’s... Read more →

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Since the booming interest in electronic cigarettes during the late 00s, V2 electronic cigarette has successfully positioned themselves as a leading force in a new market that is hard at work in changing public... Read more →