Black Note E-Liquid Review

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The good

  • Premium quality flavor
  • Authentic taste
  • Exceptional vapor quality

The bad

  • More expensive than other brands
  • PG/VG ratio is not customizable

Taking e-liquid flavor to a new level, Black Note manages to redefine what is possible in e-liquids with eight premium, high quality flavors extracted from the world’s most delectable and refined tobacco.

The cream of the crop when it comes to authentic tobacco taste, Black Note e-liquids should be tried at least once, even if you don’t normally go for tobacco flavors.

Black Note E-liquids hearken back to the era of real tobacco, offering wonderfully refined and full-bodied flavors of the various varieties of tobacco.

These e-liquids truly embody a tradition and appreciation of the natural aroma and taste of tobacco at its finest.

Rediscovering Genuine Flavor

‘Vaping’ has become a popular alternative to smoking, and the benefits over traditional cigarettes are immediately noticeable. Aficionados are finding that the flavors of tobacco are much more enjoyable in a vapor form where they are created naturally and derived from actual tobacco leaves, as they are by Black Note, rather than when they are artificially manufactured.

Authentic Tobacco Flavor

Real tobacco flavor is hard to create in a laboratory environment, so Black Note did the smart thing and extracted their flavors from real premium tobacco leaves, ultimately resulting in a phenomenally authentic tobacco flavor.

Many e-liquids contain dyes and synthetic flavors that do not offer an authentic flavor for a true tobacco lover. Many artificial fruity or candy flavored e-liquids taste extremely artificial and chemical. Who wants to inhale something that tastes like window cleaner, furniture polish or floor cleaner?

Black Note uses a cold maceration process, where the flavor of the tobacco is naturally drawn out over the course of two months without applying any heat. Black Note E-Liquid is designed to offer the highest level vaping experience. So what flavors are available, and how do they stack up?

Black Note E-Liquid Flavors

There are currently eight varieties offered by Black Note, and each flavor is created in small batches using the finest and most distinguished varieties of tobacco. Five nicotine levels are available, and all come in the most popular 50/50 mix of PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin).

Black Note E Liquid Flavors

The first of these tobacco flavors is Prelude, which is made from Virginia tobacco grown in the Italian Alps. The flavor is light and bright on the palate. It carries a unique taste only obtained through the region in which it is grown.

Forte is a flavor of e-liquid that has a lovely sweet and full flavor crafted from tobacco grown in sunny Naples. The rich volcanic elements in the soil contribute to this unforgettable flavor experience. A similarly light and smooth flavor with a touch of fruit which is modeled on red burley can be found in the Black Note Bravura e-liquid.

Black Note AdiagoBasma tobacco is renowned for its flavor, and is thought of by many to be best tobacco in the world for its seductive and spicy aroma. The extracts of this tobacco can be found in the Black Note Cadenza e-liquid.

Sonata is derived from fire-cured Virginia Cavendish tobacco that provides a dark and robust flavor unlike any other. For a more exotic taste that is smoky and spicy, Adagio is sure to please. Adagio e-liquid’s taste comes from tobacco cultivated in Havana.

The exotic e-liquid Legato encompasses origins of Kentucky but is grown in Italy. Nutty and aromatic? What’s not to love?  Finally, perfect minty goodness is the goal of Solo, and it delivers it in spades while harmoniously incorporating the flavor of rich Virginia tobacco.

Any of the available selections are sure to please any tobacco lover who is looking for a less harmful form of nicotine consumption without sacrificing flavor. Compared to other e-liquids on the market, Black Note is miles ahead.

Exceptional Presentation and Attention to Detail

Everything about these products feels authentic. The flavors and aromas are real and the packaging is beautiful. The e-liquid comes in antique glass dropper bottles with vintage-style labels, and the 30ml bottles come in a little cardboard box.

Black Note E Liquid Presentation

Aside from being naturally extracted and produced in small batches, Black Note e-liquid gets even more personal with the option of custom labels. Whether you want to add a personalized label for a gift or special occasion it’s just one more way that Black Note shows their dedication to their customers. Giving the gift of authentic flavored vapors as well as a less-harmful alternative to smoking is as thoughtful as the product itself.

Less Harmful

What makes vaping less harmful if the extracts taste like real tobacco? Black Note e-liquids are extracts of real tobacco in a liquid that is made of Propylene glycol – a safe chemical that causes little to no skin or eye irritation. Propylene glycol is used in a variety of food products, including coffee, ice cream, whipped dairy products, beer, soda and breakfast meats. Vegetable glycerin is the other liquid found in e-liquids. This chemical is also safe and used in a variety of products as a sweetener and stabilizer as well as personal care products including natural face and hair products.

Real cigarettes and cigars instead contain a variety of chemicals known to be harmful. These chemicals and materials include: radioactive lead-210, radioactive polonium-210, acetone (used as a solvent and nail polish remover), arsenic (rat poison), methanol, cadmium (battery chemical), DDT (insecticide), toluene (industrial solvent), naphthalene (moth repellent), vinyl chloride (plastic), Pyrene (fire extinguishers), hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde (embalming fluid). The list is endless, and is highly motivating when one is looking to give up the consumption of cigarettes.

With Black Note e-liquids there is no consumption of toxic chemicals, only natural ingredients. Black Note offers all the flavor of real tobacco without any or all of the negative health effects of real cigarettes. Within days of switching to vapor from smoke you will be able to breathe better. Smells and tastes become much more intense. Blood pressure decreases. Your breath will smell better. There will be no lingering odor on clothing or in the home. There is even no need to stand outside while enjoying nicotine, as many establishments allow the use of e-cigarettes, especially bars and nightclubs.


Offering the best tobacco flavor a smoker can find, Black Note’s eight high quality flavors are worth the extra cost. Being able to taste the world’s most exquisite tobacco without the health risks that are present in traditional cigarettes is a treat, and Black Note has set the gold standard on authentic tobacco e-liquid taste.