Apollo e-Cig Review

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The good

  • Reasonable prices
  • Various starter kit options
  • Wide range of cartridge and e-liquid flavors

The bad

  • Weaker battery life with beginner kits

With a growing range of eCigarette brands available in the marketplace, smokers looking to move towards electronic cigarettes now have plenty of options from which to choose. Among the various brands, Apollo e-cig stands up very strongly against the rest by providing high-tech quality eCigs at affordable prices.

Although Apollo electronic cigarette doesn’t stand out from the competition as flagrantly as many of its competitors, who release their products with novelty items, accessories and flourishes, Apollo’s brand and manufacturing quality make it one of the ideal starter brands for traditional cigarette smokers who are new to the e-cig experience and need a steady hand to help them get acclimated.

We put Apollo e-cig starter kits to the test to see how they compare with other brands we’ve tried in the past.


Apollo is one of the very few companies that have a dedicated research and development section for creating and refining new and impressive eCigs and eLiquids, which goes a long way towards legitimizing them in ways their competitors can’t follow. What Apollo lacks in flourishes it gains in serious and studious scientific backing, putting together a product line that is second to none in quality (albeit second to several in style). This has allowed them to offer some unique and groundbreaking products. As they use their own manufacturing facility to produce electronic cigarettes, Apollo e-cig has been able to offer high quality eCigs at easily affordable prices to their customers.

Apollo e-cig also provides a lifetime warranty on their range of electronic cigarettes, including the electronic components, and the importance of warranties cannot be undersold for traditional cigarette smokers who haven’t enjoyed an e-cig yet and want to try introducing their habits and tastes into the new market. All top electronic cigarette brands such as V2 e-cigs offer relatively easy returns in order to account for this, but Apollo’s warranty goes above and beyond thanks in part to their terrific customer service, which gives customers the benefit of the doubt and allows them easy returns on their investment if anything about the product or accessories are not to their liking. This review has barely begun, and already it’s more than clear that Apollo e-cigs are our recommended choice for smokers who are new to the electronic cigarette revolution. The warranty is the cherry on top of solid craftsmanship, manufacturing, and technology.

Modest and reliable, the Apollo e-cig product stands first and foremost at the gates of a new smoking revolution, welcoming traditional tobacco smokers inside with a smile and a discount coupon. However, experienced e-cig smokers might want to look carefully at Apollo’s features (or lack thereof) before purchasing the products.


Breaking down the design of Apollo electronic cigarettes is not straightforward, as they try to offer cigarettes for the entire market. This makes for markedly different designs as the electronic cigarettes go from beginner to expert, further cementing Apollo as the choicest option for the discerning e-cig buyer. Newcomers will find themselves with an easy learning curve by purchasing the beginner kits, which more experienced smokers might find something to fix their fancy in the expert columns. Apart from the standard kit, customers also have the option of choosing from four other kit types 0 the Apollo Extreme starter kit, the Superior eGo kit, the vTube kit and the eSlim kit, giving this deceptively simple product line a bevy of options that shows the market a brand name doesn’t have to be bland just because it’s reliable.

The Apollo e-cig standard starter kit is the basic beginner kit that comes complete with a portable charger case used for charging the e-cigarette batteries. The starter kit also comes with two standard rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which when fully charged can last continuously for two hours. It is easy to use, and the cartridges are already flavored, you just pop them in. Five different flavored packs of cartridges come as part of the standard Apollo starter kit. In addition to the portable charger case, the kit also comes with an USB charger that can be used to charge the spare battery.

The Extreme kit bumps up the life of the two batteries supplied to six hours between them, so is a better choice for a heavier smoker. It also comes with a car charger. No technological leaps forward though.

The eGo kit is the first kit to introduce their clearomizers, which are in essence empty cartridges waiting for e-liquid. Most expert vapers agree that this option, while a bit more troublesome, offers a better vape. The kit also comes with this e-liquid, which you can choose from 19 flavors and in 5 different nicotine strengths. The eGo also pushes the battery up to an impressive 9 hours each, and you get two of them. The batteries also come in more color options.

The vTube is an expert electronic cigarette which offers the benefits of the eGo, but allows you variable voltage control. We’re almost in mod country here; you can use the vTube to adjust the performance of your electronic cigarette through the day.

Finally, the eSlim is Apollo’s newest product, has a unique design. It is virtually flat, which offers the benefit of being flat in one’s pocket, but also help it to avoid leakage issues. However it does have a markedly poorer battery, due to its small size.


The e-liquid used in Apollo eCigs are prepared carefully by a separate team in the company’s facility at Northern California. The different ingredients that goes in to the e-liquid include 99% lab-grade nicotine, USP grade PG and VG, and kosher and food safe ingredients. Every flavor is thoroughly tested by staff before it is launched commercially, and this distinction gives Apollo a higher grade of sophistication than competitors who don’t necessarily have the down and dirty science to back up their claims. The time, money and energy other brands put into glitzing out their e-cigs are honed by Apollo into trial runs, scientific lab testing and other quality endeavors that puts the usability of the product as the most important box to check off.

The various flavors that are available for selection include Citrus Fruit Punch, Coconut, and Chocolate blend, Banana Cream, Blueberry and Raspberry Blend, Blueberry and Kona Coffee Blend, Cappuccino Flavor, Cherry Flavor, Cherry Limeade Flavor, Classic Tobacco Flavor and Tobacco Menthol Flavor. This alone offers a wider variety of options than traditional smokers are used to, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Alternative flavors are still finding their footing in the e-cig market, markedly down in popularity when compared with classic flavors like tobacco, menthol, mint, and coffee, but as soon as these new sensibilities are embraced the already extensive flavor list is poised to extend into a veritable laundry list of different smoking sensations.

Apollo e-liquids are manufactured in an environment that is completely free of contaminants, and this allows the e-liquid flavor to really shine through. Apollo e-liquids are arguably some of the best on the market, and this reputation has become Apollo’s primary selling point against competitors that offer more flourishes and take more chances with their product lines.

Vapor Performance

Apollo electronic cigarette vapor strength offers a feeling of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette to the smoker. The higher capacity batteries that are provided as part of the kit help in generating a strong vapor capable of providing a good strong throat hit. Moreover, the clearomizer technology developed in house by the Apollo research and development staff helps in providing a superior flavor to the e-Liquid vapor. This is especially the case when choosing one of the more complex starter kit options, as their refilled cartomizers tend to give off a better vapor and flavor.

However, Apollo’s battery life is not the best in the business. Its smoking time and longevity pales in comparison to some of the other V2 releases, but that trade off comes courtesy of battery life stability that isn’t as easily diminished by the heat, usage habits and charging patterns of customers. By comparison, the battery lives of its competitors are longer lasting but duly exaggerated: the majority of extended battery lives come from manufacturer assumptions that aggregate battery life based on peak battery habits, including routine discharges, storing times and average usage. In other words, while Apollo’s competitors can squeeze out slightly longer battery lives with a regimented schedule of battery care, Apollo’s batteries are homogenized at a certain set time and lifespan regardless of customer use. This is a deceptive difference between Apollo e-cig and its competitors, as many smokers may prefer the no nonsense handling of Apollo’s sturdy hardware to the bells and whistles of more sensitive battery technology.

Battery Performance

Apollo batteries are usually state of the art lithium-Ion batteries that are light and have an extended life. These batteries are extremely easy to use and have an indicator light at its tip. When the smoker inhales using the eCig, the battery indicator glows brightly. When the light becomes dimmer, the smoker knows to recharge the battery. It works similar to music players, smart phones and laptops, and modern customers who are used to monitoring their mobile devices will find it easy to monitor their Apollo e-cig.

Apollo provides batteries of different capacities corresponding to the type of kit chosen by the user. The common TGo battery has the excellent capacity that lasts for 800 to 1000 puffs. This battery has a capacity of 900mAh, which emphasizes how little of a difference competing battery lifespans will make when Apollo’s own already exceeds the typical smoking habits of the traditional smoker. Batteries can be frustrating devices to deal with, especially when factoring in the addictive components of the nicotine inside of e-cigs, but Apollo’s electronic cigarettes have been designed to maintain their usability to the ends of feasible technology.

The Apollo e-cig variable voltage battery that comes along with the vTube starter kit is one of the best variable voltage batteries available in the marketplace and comes with features such as extra voltage range and large LCD screen display. This variable voltage battery comes in two different capacities in the form of 650mAh and 1200mAh. The 600mAh battery is capable of lasting continuously for 12 hours while the 1200mAh battery can last for 12 hours. A variable voltage battery allows the users to increase or decrease the voltage with the press of a button. The battery comes with a mini USB charging port with pass through provision for uninterrupted use, which goes back to the importance Apollo e-cig has placed on a comparable smoking experience for traditional smokers who aren’t used to the technological limitations of electronic cigarettes. The name of this game is to produce e-cigs that are comparable alternatives to traditional smoking experiences, while slowly but surely innovating towards an entirely new frontier bolstered by incomparable flavors, usability, and health.


Apollo offer, above anything, choice. Apollo e-cig provides 25 flavor choices, five different nicotine strengths, eight battery options, and five starter kits for its users to choose from, which is again unmatchable in the electronic cigarette marketplace. The offer everything from the beginner kit, to the wannabe modder, and with the introduction of the eSlim now has them as one of the top suppliers in the business.