Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

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The good

  • Excellent flavors
  • High vapor production
  • Outstanding customer service

The bad

  • Does not offer manual batteries
  • More flavors and e-liquids would be useful

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Green Smoke electronic cigarette was founded in 2008 and has gone on to become a major player on the e-cigarette scene, which has grown into an expansive new take on the traditional smoking paradigms.

Green Smoke aims its products at a wide demographic and has shown a relatively solid degree of success in doing so. Green Smoke e-vapor makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a relaxing vape anywhere.




E-cigarettes are a truly global wave of new age solutions to age-old problems involving social etiquettes that halted normative smoking habits since the early ’90s. Green Smoke e-cigarettes can be vaped everywhere vapers go due to their uniquely electronic filtration system that releases a vapor freed from the lingering smell of tobacco.

E-cigs still contain nicotine, and should not be misunderstood as an initiation cigarette; the unique construction of Green Smoke enables it to pass where traditional cigarettes no longer can, but its chemical composition remains a sibling to bygone tobacco iterations and should not be taken lightly by nonsmokers.

Offering a wide variety of starter kits and flavors for the curious beginner, Green Smoke has established itself as a major competitor in a rapidly inflating industry that has already expanded to the four corners of the globe and begun infiltrating its new spin of a classic product into the United States, Europe and Asia, and other prominent markets. Attached at the heels of an enormous marketing campaign poised to change the face of smoking, Green smoke offers a sleek and modern product to sit more comfortably alongside tablet devices and smart phones.


Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of brands that essentially offer the same type of e-cig with slightly different variations isolating one brand from the other with colors, models, prices, and availability. The options are overwhelming, and while the competitors are fighting for their shares of the market, smokers benefit from a plethora of deals and incentives trying to draw a generation of smokers into trying the first real innovation in cigarettes to come along in centuries.

Green Smoke electronic cigarette has always remained a top player thanks to their excellent flavors, long battery life, and outstanding customer service. These niceties have become stand out models of doing business when stacked against competing e-cig brands that offer comparatively little against the upcoming giants of this new industry. Our in-depth Green Smoke electronic cigarette review covers everything you need to know before switching to Green Smoke.



The design of Green Smoke products is traditional yet very sleek and modern at the same time, maintaining the look, feel and weight of a cigarette to recall the habits of yesteryear with the modern conveniences of a vaporized smoking alternative that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. The company has clearly decided to remain true to the iconic image of the cigarette, as the sticks they sell all bare a resemblance that helps smokers to transition from one to the other – something which can’t be said of all other brands even when they are trying to go for a classic look.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes stand out as modern interpretations of a classic design, and that’s more than just their ambition to better acclimate traditional smokers to the e-cig experience. Green Smoke comes from the V2 cigs line, which have standout manufacturers who are able to model this technology into a slender appearance befitting the lightweight, handheld legacy of cigarettes.

The e-cigarette model, however, is simply the standard design offered by Green Smoke for the sake of nostalgia. Batteries in their online store come in a range of very stylish designs that appeal to different personalities and interests, as well as a focus on inherently feminine and masculine designs that customize cigarettes with the same panache as tablets and iPhones. This is one area where Green Smoke truly pays attention to the consumers desire to customize, and matches up with the innovations and advancement of other technology that values options and chooses to have both quality and quantity. Green smoke customers can now individualize their products to fit their own unique experience, helping to transform the smoking experience into a playful and even flirtatious accessory.

Many of the kits offered by Green Smoke come with a very stylish carry case, and in the case of the most affordable kit – a carry case is available at a reasonable price. Green Smoke prides themselves on quality accessories, and this shows in the sheer number of useful add-on parts that can be purchased to accessorize a cigarette like a purse. With fashionable vapors and non-offensive odors, e-cigs are marketing themselves as stylish accessories in their own right, finally letting smokers light up their habit without feeling put out by any of the social stigmas leftover from the tobacco climate of the past few decades.



Green Smoke cartomizers (essentially, cartomizers are a combination of the cartridge that holds the liquid and the atomizer that heats it) come in a range of flavors that really zero in on the classic styles. ‘Menthol Ice’ offers that tingly sensation that is both soothing and stimulating. The ever-popular ‘Tobacco Gold’ consistently ranks as one of the best-loved electronic cigarette tobacco flavors, showing that a new legion of smokers is well ready to experiment with a repackaging of classic cigarette tropes. Whereas traditional cigarettes are limited to a flavor a pack, and further limited by their antiquate construction, e-cigs pave the way to new innovations.

Among other flavors, ‘Smooth Chocolate’ goes a long way towards introducing the concept of sweet vapor cartridges to a wider audience. In the early days of e-cigs, some companies trialed sweet flavors but received mixed reviews, but Green Smoke have excelled in this field and is one of the best companies to try if you are looking for an exciting but authentic flavored electronic cigarette. New innovations have their own trial periods and tribulations that result from them, but Green Smoke and the larger V2 Cig Corporation have ironed out the wrinkles and launched products that premiered with higher quality than the aggregate examples produced by comparable e-cig brands. It’s a matter of experience as much as manufacturing, and V2 cigs are produced by one of the oldest cigarette companies in the country.


Vapor Performance

Green Smoke makes a little go a long way in terms of vapor performance, when the vapors of e-cigs are one of their most distinguishing features. The e-liquid they have formulated is particularly potent but is released in perfect amounts using the Green Smoke technology. Each cartomizer tends to be equivalent to almost two whole packs of regular cigarettes. Considering the price difference, this proves to be a hugely cost-effective switch for those looking to ditch the old-school cigarettes, and better still, e-cig technology allows this density of composition to still translate into an inoffensive, odorless vapor that won’t disturb nonsmokers without sacrificing the potency of the nicotine for smokers to enjoy.


Battery Performance

Green Smoke Battery

The battery performance is an essential part of any electronic cigarette. The vapor can be the best in the world, but if the battery goes, it isn’t of much use. However exciting it is for the cigarette market of finally merge with modern technology, that technology comes with certain limitations that weren’t existent in the cigarette market before.

Green Smoke battery life is considered to be one of the best in the industry, and has tested in consumer trials to be very consistently reliable. Traditional smokers who aren’t used to this handicap might take some time getting themselves adjusted to the fact that their cigarettes require the same maintenance as their laptop computers, but there are beneficial tradeoffs to this innovation. E-cigs last longer than traditional cigarettes, and innovative rechargeable options are being introduced to the market to extend longevity and save smokers more price for their purchase.

Different options should be explored for different types of smoker. For example, an e-cig smoker that puffs only a few times a day will find that their battery will last for days – and their USB charger will suffice. Alternatively, a heavy user will certainly need to investigate the larger battery sizes, and perhaps a car adapter for on the go charging. Portability and mobility is one of the chief selling points for e-cig brands, so enquire accordingly and find the best option for your unique lifestyle. For most users, the battery life will be good enough, but you may want to consider getting a spare battery that you can charge while you are using the other one.

The trend with new technology is towards expansive customization, and with more flavors in sight, Green Smoke seems poised to make up for the slight faults its current production line has. The terrific customer service of the company as a whole helps customers to verify the future release dates of new products, colors, models, and accessories, while an outstandingly guaranteed return policy gives new smokers a chance to experiment with e-cigarettes without risk of losing out on their investment by trying an entirely new experience they have no precedence for.

Thankfully, Green Smoke e-cigs remain remarkably similar to the feel and taste of traditional smoking, sans the potentially offensive odors and social stigma. This closure between electronic smoking and traditional smoking represents the last milestone before e-cigs become their own viable twist on the smoking legacy – and a mainstream solution to a habit that has been increasingly marginalized as a result of some of the controversies related to traditional cigarette smoking.



A recent study at a major Boston academic institution proposed that electronic cigarettes provide substantially fewer risks compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. These statements have been echoed by medical professionals, including the ex-surgeon general who has joined an e-cig advocacy board, and e-cigs are quickly becoming the new alternative of choice for helping smokers to refuse their intake and ultimately switch to a new habit if that’s what they want to do. For those smokers who remain contented with their pastime, e-cigarettes offer the new and unexplored frontier of technology merged with cigarettes.

All of this means that electronic cigarettes are getting high praise in high places and customers in all the right places. This in turn means that the major players in the industry right now are receiving a lot of consumer attention, and Green Smoke appear to be one of the most equipped to handle that attention, bolstered by the quality of V2 cigarette. Their attention to detail and quality provide assurance that they are in it for the long run, something that is important for someone looking to buy their first starter kit and getting on the road to a better lifestyle.

While e-cigs are becoming the favored recommendation from the medical community for smokers who are looking to alleviate a variety of smoking related problems – from the potency of the tobacco to the smell of the habit and the stigma that applies to it in many personal, professional and social situations, electric cigarettes are still cigarettes containing nicotine, and they are responsibly marketed to existing smokers.

These are not novelty items for everyone to enjoy, but instead a legitimate and transformative update to the antiquated cigarettes of years past, modeled and built so that smoking can finally be reintroduced back into the mainstream.

It’s an interesting and innovative time to be a smoker, and Green Smoke stands at the fore of these innovations as a ‘standout’ product to help smokers regain their place in society and help to do away with the outdated notions and controversies of traditional cigarettes.