V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

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The good

  • Realistic flavors
  • Thick vapor
  • Excellent battery life

The bad

  • Larger than a traditional cigarette

Since the booming interest in electronic cigarettes during the late 00s, V2 electronic cigarette has successfully positioned themselves as a leading force in a new market that is hard at work in changing public perception with the longstanding controversy of cigarette etiquettes and health concerns. In fact, their website boasts the number one overall rank on alexa.com for electronic cigarettes, and the V2 brand has become a forerunner in the race for e-cigs to become the favored alternative for smokers who want to enjoy their habits in public areas, as well as smokers who want to wean themselves off the habit.


Not only are electronic cigarettes cheaper and more functional than traditional tobacco cigarettes, but their nicotine composition and cigarette shape makes them ideal substitutes for smokers who have difficulty letting go of an oral fixation, but don’t want to continue jeopardizing their health. The V2 Company began with the intention of delivering a quality product that would turn the industry from a curiosity to a worldwide phenomenon, and that ambition has been realized.

Today, V2 electronic cigarette products can be found in virtually every area of the world and continues to grow in size year by year. This rate of growth runs in tandem with the increasing popularity and visibility of electronic cigarettes as a whole, creating an exciting symmetry that puts V2 cigarettes as the face of e-cigs, which themselves have become the bright and shining future for a new generation of smokers untethered by the controversies that taxed and talked traditional tobacco cigarettes into the corners of restaurants and completely out of airplanes, bars, and many other social situations.

Now that smokers are aware of the new product and its promises, what can they expect when they actually try out V2 e-cigs?

Editor’s V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

We tested the V2 electronic cigarette kits, batteries, cartridges, and e-liquids for a period of three weeks and have concluded our results in the V2 electronic cigarette review below. If you’re just making the switch to electronic cigarettes, V2 may be the best option for you. Thanks to the success of innovative mavericks like V2, other e-cig companies are springing up into the market, making it more important for customers to exact discretion when trying out e-cigs for the first time.

Companies like Green Smoke, Vapor Couture, Apollo, and White Cloud cigarettes are giving V2 a run for its money on the quality and quantity of their products and innovations, but V2 has a long-standing history with traditional tobacco cigarettes that other companies can’t compare with. V2 products are the only e-cig company deeply rooted in the cigarette tradition, making its transformation into modern iterations of electronic innovations more substantive than the bandwagon approaches of many other competitors.

The cigarette market has suddenly flourished with exciting new takes and technological approaches to the age-old nicotine roll, making the advertisements busier and the shelves more cluttered than any time in the last half a century. But V2 remains a standout in a flood of loose promises.

The brand is trusted and the products are sound, yet the V2 presentation is not yet perfected, and 100% guarantees are hard to find in electronic cigarettes. It’s time to look into the nitty gritty and spell out the facts.

Here’s a quick look at the V2 Ultimate kit we tested for this review:



In our opinion, the design of the V2 electronic cigarette is slim, modern, and minimalist. The official battery products for sale stay within simple, yet elegant designs of steel and plain white – the idea being that the electronic cigarette should blend into everyday life. The imagery of the e-cig has been an important component in its advertising and marketing, presenting smokers with a familiar shape and weight while outfitting the classical appearance of the cigarette with new colors, customizations and sleekness that elevates the cigarette into a fashion piece as much as a huff of nicotine.

V2 electronic cigarette ultimate kit

The Ultimate kit is one of V2’s more popular kits

This re-branding of the cigarette is an intentional part of the e-cig package; less about disrespecting the legacy of the cigarette than acknowledging the public controversies and stigmas associated with smoking, and turning those clichés on their head with new concepts and 21st century cool.

The general quality of the structure of the battery (and of course the additional components) has been rated quite highly by electronic enthusiasts, who praise the build quality of the electronic cigarettes. V2 e-cigarettes tend to last longer without issue than other brands, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. The longevity of e-cigs is a new travail for smokers to concern themselves with, but the practical reality behind the innovation is that battery powered cigarettes are ultimately designed to save smokers money and give them more bang for their buck. The battery life of any e-cig is an integral part of this, and V2 scores high marks.

The V2 electronic cigarette is relatively simple, being made up of the battery, the cartridge and the e-liquid itself. The basic process involves the heating of the liquid via the atomizer, which is then released to the user as a vapor. One of the most praised elements of the V2 experience is just how consistent the flavor in the vapor is, which can be of some concern with other e-cig brands.

Due to the unique way in which these cigarettes filter nicotine, vapor flavors can have an artificial inconsistency that gets in the way of the smoking experience. The biggest problem with any electronic cigarette is its ability to imitate and ultimately exceed the smoking experience of traditional cigarettes; early form e-cig products struggled against the public impression that electronic cigarette alternatives were cheap and trendy, making their craftsmanship and authenticity paramount in deciding which brand to choose.



V2 has worked hard over the years to specialize in a set of flavors that most smokers identify with, and this identification plays back into the need for e-cigs of all shapes and sizes to make sure that they give smokers an authentic experience. The flavors break down into two familiar categories of tobacco and menthol – these categories include ‘classic’ style tobacco flavors and traditional menthols, including an incredibly popular mint tea flavor.

V2 Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Some of our favorite V2 flavors: Congress, Sahara, Cherry, and Menthol

Additionally, there are specialty flavors that include ‘cherry’ and ‘chocolate’. V2 doesn’t have the biggest selection of flavors, but it does, arguably, have the strongest selection that invites repeated usage thanks to its consistency and quality make. Those looking for a classic cigarette flavor could do much worse than the flavor of V2 electronic cigarettes, although it’s worth nothing that electronic cigarettes are still struggling to truly imitate the taste of traditional tobacco cigarette.

V2 specialty flavors don’t seem to be extremely popular among new and dedicated vapors, but they remain the newest innovation for e-cigs, and that newness has created some understandable tentativeness in the market.

Speaking for the science of the e-cig manufacturing process, the classic tobacco flavors are no different from the trendier and more flavorful innovations in smoking taste, suggesting the buyer hesitation has more to do with superstition than science. Smokers will need to climb over this hurdle in order to enjoy V2 cigarettes and e-cig brands. With budget friendly prices, longevity and greater public freedoms come compromises in the fine nuances of taste and feel when compared to traditional cigarettes.


Nicotine Levels

Many potential customers will be interested to know about the nicotine levels, particularly if they are transferring from old-fashioned cigarettes. These levels range from 0.6% to 2.4% – many traditional smokers find that these options provide an adequate replacement to their personal needs, but when compared to the nicotine of traditional cigarettes the differences between the two cigarettes becomes more evident and uncompromising. There are currently production limitations that keep e-cigs a certain distance away from the experience of old fashioned cigarettes, although customers have been more vocal about these changes than chemical compositions would suggest.

Electronic cigarettes are a different twist on the cigarette legacy – make no mistake about that. Customers should be under no delusions with this new experience being exactly that, a new experience, and that experience has its own unique tastes and consistencies. Long time smokers will notice a difference between the two, and all indications point to these differences being irreconcilable due to the limitations of manufacturing an electronic cigarette.


Vapor Performance

The performance of V2 products is in part why they have managed to be so successful. The longevity of a vapor cartridge and the longevity of the battery charge will of course depend upon how often the e-cig is used.

V2 electronic cigarette vapor performance

V2 e-cigs produce a thick vapor with a satisfying throat-hit

However, V2 states that the average cartridge lasts about as long as 20+ traditional cigarettes, which helps to alleviate concerns over expensive battery replacements or limitations those batteries might cause on the cost efficiency of electronic cigarettes. Some users have stated that the way electronic cigarettes are used (puff as and when needed) often totals out to a reduced intake compared to regular cigarette intake. Depending on your goals for turning to an electronic cigarette this may be a positive or a negative, but with the various options available from V2 it is easy to bump up or lower your nicotine intake.


Battery Performance

V2 batteries come in three sizes: shorty, standard and long. These sizes offer varying battery life, which is measured in the number of inhalations taken. For a moderate e-cig smoker, the shorty size could last a few days between charges, whereas a heavier smoker may need the larger size to ensure they do not run low on juice. As a general rule, the life of the batteries is dependably consistent.

V2 Battery Guide

V2 electronic cigarettes come in three battery sizes: short, standard, and long

The general quality of all V2 products is very good – in fact, the company backs up their confidence in these products by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. This promise says a lot about their dedication to providing customers with the highest quality product.

Size does matter when it comes to a cigarette, and the slightly bulky appearance of V2 cigs is no faint criticism. Finding the perfect fit with the perfect weight is essential for a comfortable smoking experience, although the added bulk of the V2 cigarettes come replete with better functionality and nicotine flavoring and chemical composition.

V2 Electronic Cigarette Battery

V2’s powerful 4.2 Volts batteries are engineered for maximum vapor production

It’s important for customers to understand where the market stands and how far along e-cigs have come in order to be able to accurately assess the current state of the products, and presume where they might be going in the ambitious tomorrow of an increasingly popular market share. Electronic cigarettes came into the market within the recent decades of traditional cigarette declines, but their relative newness does not translate into shoddiness that so often characterizes the sophomore year of innovators and their innovations.

Electronic cigarettes have been in the market for far longer than most people know, although they have only recently to gain some public favor. Brands like V2 have recently started to fine-tune their products alongside their marketing efforts. This double helix of concerted business propositions have come together into the perfect way to pitch their new brands and distance themselves from the kinds of controversies that inhibited cigarette companies ever since taxation, government public health advertisements and muddled addiction issues damaged the rate of cigarette sales in the decades past.

V2 cigarettes might be slightly larger than the classic cigarette, but e-cigs are able to promote themselves as a new opportunity for smokers to enjoy their habits without feeling like they are sacrificing their health and the health of those around them, and for most smokers that will be more than enough incentive to compromise the feel of the habit.



The growth of V2 Cigs can be directly attributed to the general need from consumers for an alternative to smoking. The dangers of old fashioned smoking are more apparent now than they ever have been, so the safer option of electronic cigarettes has proven a big pull for many.

On top of providing reduced health risks, V2 offers substantial savings in comparison to traditional cigarette usage. Combine these positives with a well-designed marketing campaign and it’s easy to see why V2 has achieved as much as they have.

The health benefits of electronic cigarettes have become their own unique selling point for its own unique brand of smoking, and that selling point rides on the medical approvals counteracting public stigmas with positive reports about the health and safety of these newfangled cigarette products. Too fine a point cannot be placed on this, and the emphasis is well earned: the health of traditional cigarettes have long been a point of contention in the market, and the difficulty in erasing that contention has been overcome thanks to the scientifically verifiable chemical compositions of e-cig brands like V2.

V2 has bypassed this controversy by offering a healthier and more public conscious solution that taps into vapor technology to allow harmless smoking “vapors” that won’t offend other patrons at restaurants, airplanes and other enclosed public establishments. This doesn’t just benefit the smoker’s health, it also benefits the smoker’s maneuverability in public.

With V2 electronic cigarettes, smokers will no longer find themselves ostracized one hundred yards away from public premises. E-cigs might not be the real thing, but in many ways they are superior to the grimmer realities of traditional cigarettes. Companies like V2 have gone to great lengths to devise affordable and believable substitutions for cigarettes right down to the look, feel, and even taste of them while offering their own wide assortment of flavors with each pack, giving smokers the opportunity to enjoy their mints and menthols anywhere they want.

On top of the warranty, V2 genuinely shows an interest in ensuring product consistency throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. V2 remains one of the few electronic cigarette companies to test their batches before packaging and shipping – this means that every single cartridge purchased comes from a batch that has been personally tested by the folks at V2.

Choose V2 electronic cigarette if you’re looking for a popular, no-nonsense brand that excels in offering a traditional cigarette flavor in a product that will last.