Vapor Couture Reviews

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  • Attractive design
  • Good vapor production
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The bad

  • More flavors would be useful

Vapor Couture has been making major waves since its launch as the latest venture from the well-known brand of e-cigarettes, V2. Instigated by flagship company VMR Products, Vapor Couture is uniquely designed for women as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. This marks one of the newest innovations at end of a long line of ambitious and inventive cigarette products; while e-cigs as a whole have made strides against the controversies surrounding the smoke and smells of traditional cigarettes, Vapor Couture is the first cigarette with a gender topic in mind – and customers have answered with resounding interest.



The Vapor Couture line of cigarettes brags a great deal of features that are not found in other e-cigarette brands like its sleek and ultra-thin appearance, jewel tip, many unique flavors and several colors, just to name a few of the reasons women are turning to Vapor Couture. E-cigs have the potential to become fashionable accessories in and of themselves, packaged in stylish colors and materials to transform the social stigma of traditional cigarettes into the social stylings of accessorizing fashionistas. The wide array of colors, flavors, and appearances give Vapor Couture cigarettes as many customization options as an iPhone, the type of individuation modern day customers want from their products. Now, for the first time ever, smokers can customize their cigarettes to fit their unique personality and sensibilities.


Vapor Couture Review

The Vapor Couture line of e-cigarettes also offers a great deal of cool accessories like bracelets, beautiful charms and clutches. In addition, there are also car adapters, charger kits as well as wall adapters (both UK as well as EU) available for purchase with Vapor Couture, expanding cigarette products into the multi-faceted realms of today’s technology. E-cigs can now accommodate charges, longer battery lives, and compatibility with all comparable plugs and outlets, advancing cigarettes into the technological frontier with terrific results.

The most important factor to consider when approaching new innovations in technology is the stability of the innovation. E-cigs have been in the market for nearly a decade, and product lines like Vapor Couture are being released with impressively few manufacturing flaws. E-cigs typically have problem with taste and vapor consistency, but Vapor Couture avoids this issue by offering the latest in the line of reliable V2 electronic cigarettes. The V2 brand has an older history that predates the electronic revolution and reaches back to classic tobacco cigarettes; they were one of the first entrepreneurs to delve into e-cigs, and thanks to their longevity of experience, V2 brands remain the most polished on the market.



Designed by engineers from Florida and California, and assembled in certified plants, every part of Vapor Couture is vigorously quality tested to ensure high quality, good consistency, as well as safety. The packaging of the Vapor Couture is done in a convenient as well as aesthetically pleasing manner. The batteries are held and protected in foam packaging and separate space is provided for chargers and cartridges. The cartridges are confined in foil to safeguard against contamination. The jewel tip gives an added glamor to the cigarettes, as well as the sleek appearance makes it look stylish as well as convenient.

The design of the cigarette is one of the main draws, as the brand is designed to be more feminine in style and to appeal to the fashion-conscious woman. Having matching accessories is a stroke of genius; never before have women so easily been able to have their cigarette match the rest of their outfit, imbuing female smokers with a new face for smoking to outfit the new social freedom allowed by an electronic cigarette that is not confined by the smoking regulations that put out traditional tobacco cigarettes should they be lit in many indoor social settings like restaurants and even some bars. The e-cig can be smoked anywhere and everywhere, and with a flourish of colors and styles underneath a diminished odor, these cigarettes can even become an important fashion accessory.



There are six unique flavors available in Vapor Couture – certainly not the most on the market, but probably enough for most vapers. Its e-liquid contains a blend of nicotine and different flavors like American tobacco flavor, which is well suited for those who crave the Marlboro style of flavor; Bombshell – Turkish Tobacco flavor for those who lean towards the European cigarette varieties; Fresh Mint flavor for those who love the icy feel of menthol; Passion Fruit flavor for those who enjoy tropical flavors; Strawberry Champagne flavor for the strawberry lovers; and Arctic Mint flavor for that peppermint flavor combined with a sweetness. No matter what your taste is, the unique flavors available in Vapor Couture are quite authentic.


Vapor Performance

There are four nicotine strengths available in all the flavors of Vapor Couture – 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine, and 0% nicotine. In that, even with 0.6% nicotine, which is the lowest strength of nicotine available, there is a healthy dose of kick to the vapors, almost in par with that of smoking a traditional cigarette. The Vapor Couture e-cigarette gives a good rich taste sans any lingering aftertaste like some other e-cigarettes. There is also a very good and thick vapor production, especially if you take a few quick strong puffs followed by a longer puff, as instructed in the manual.


Battery Performance

The Standard Starter kit of Vapor Couture includes the 150mAh battery. Currently, manual batteries are not provided. The charging period for a battery is around 1 hour, making it relatively convenient to use but a potential point of contention and adjustment for new e-cig smokers who aren’t used to having to delay their smokes for such a prolonged duration of time. The LED light on the USB lights red during charging and changes to green when completely charged, and can help smokers regulate their smoking habituation along with the battery life that sustains the habit. The battery is capable of automatically shutting off so that there is no over-charging to the batteries.

Furthering the customized design features of the Vapor Couture there are four exciting colors available for the battery – Brushed Platinum, Deep Purple, Rose Gold and White Signature. The battery voltage is 3.7 volts, and is almost 83 mm long as well as 8mm in diameter, making it easy to handle. Each battery is also sparkled with a jewel tip that lights up with each puff, making it a wonderful experience. The colors can be mixed and matched to give a unique style for your Vapor Couture.

The battery of life of e-cigs offer a new twist to the smoking formula, and with all the benefits smokers receive from electronic cigarettes, there is this single drawback of technology: now smokers have to worry about their cigarette’s battery along with their smart phones and laptops. Like smartphones and laptops, e-cigs can be recharged in the standard charging ports, and like the latest advancements in mobile technology, e cigarettes are being produced with lithium-ion batteries that are designed to last longer than previous batteries. But even lithium batteries need to be cared for so that they don’t use up their lifespan too quickly, and like other comparable technologies, there are things that smokers can do in order to extend the natural battery life of their electronic cigarette, and also like comparable devices, many of the battery longevity mainstays still apply to the e-cig market.

Laptop lithium ion batteries recommend customers use their batteries regularly in order to keep it naturally cycling, and this same principle applied to e-cigs as well. Lithium ion batteries are designed to be used daily, and when they aren’t allowed to cycle through their battery life their longevity takes a chemical hit and the health of the battery suffers as a result. Lithium ion batteries are like muscles in that they need to be exercised in order to maintain optimal strength, so smokers are advised to use their battery life to at least 50% capacity before recharging it for another round. However, it’s not recommended that smokers wait for their e-cig battery to completely drain before changing it out – that side of the extreme presents its own dangers to the longevity of the cigarette.

E-cig batteries can also deplete faster depending on where they are stored. Hotter environments, especially when the cigarette is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, may be to the detriment of the battery life.

Cartomizers should be disconnected from the Vapor Couture when not in use, and once battery charges are completed the battery itself could be unscrewed from the chamber as soon as you are able. Overcharging the battery presents the same danger as liberally letting batteries deplete, and the standard rule of thumb suggests keeping batteries cycled in and around the 50% range in order to protect yourself against any unwanted extremes.

The pros and cons of the Vapor Couture cigarette are stacked on the side of the good, but that’s not to say these products are without their own limitations by the nature of their technological design. As previously mentioned, although Vapor Couture e-cigs are designed with short one hour recharge times for a full battery, the very fact that a recharge time has intruded its way into traditional smoker habits will take some adjusting to; the fact that the nicotine contained within e-cigs can sustain addictive tendencies, having to wait even an hour before enjoying more electronic smoking can be a source of frustration for new customers who are not used to their high tech cigarette.

The flavoring of Vapor Coutures also suffer in part from the limitations of the technology, which flavors the experience with imitation tobacco that, while close to the traditional smoking experience, is still a noticeable departure for smoking aficionados who are picky about the authenticity of their habit. The fact of the matter is that e-cigs are going to be a departure from traditional cigarettes in more ways than one, although Vapor Couture and V2 brands as a whole have done a remarkably good job of making those departures as small and unnoticed as possible. But that’s not to say that long time smokers of traditional cigarettes will not have to employ a learning curve before they can enjoy the unique and modern experience that Vapor Couture offers.



For women who are looking at a healthier and safer alternative to the regular cigarettes, Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are the perfect solution, with their stylish design, unbeatable flavors, smooth performance, and longer battery life, sans the tar, ash, and odor of traditional cigarettes. It also is the perfect gift for your loved ones and girlfriends, introducing them to a whole new area of accessorizing to transform their smoking habit into a social style. If you are someone who is trying to kick the habit of smoking, vapor couture also offers the ideal way by helping you to gradually reduce the strength of nicotine in the cartridges and effectively quit smoking altogether. Other V2 e-cig brands are boasting similar beneficial effects thanks to the boons of their technology, effectively making this new market of cigarettes free from the controversy of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Either ways, it brooks no arguments that Vapor Couture is the best e-cigarette brand made specifically for women created to date. The product barriers that used to compartmentalize smoking into a single limited product have been broken down, and the glass ceiling for the future of cigarettes and cigarette technology has effectively broken, raining down countless e-cig brands that are rolling out advertisements, incentive programs and special coupons to attract the world weary smokers of yesteryear into a bright present where they can enjoy smoking in restaurants, bars, airports and other enclosed public areas once again – without smoke, odors or social stigmas.

And it bears mentioning that the amazing accessories attached to the Vapor Couture don’t hurt either. The product might not be perfected, but it is still heads and toes above the relevant competitors. Vapor Couture and the rest of the V2 line continue to impress.