VaporFi Review

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The good

  • Great e-liquid, reasonably priced
  • High quality design
  • Variety of kits for both beginners and advanced vapers

The bad

  • Offers only one beginner kit

If you’ve tried electronic cigarettes and decided it’s time to try something more complex, interesting, and fun, it’s time to take the step up to VaporFi electronic cigarettes. VaporFi manufactures the next level of rechargeable e-cigs which are perfect for users who prefer a bigger, stronger, and longer battery life, to extend the time between charges and increase the strength and thickness of their e-cig’s vapor production.

These excellent electronic cigarettes offer bigger batteries that easily last all day (even for the heavy vapers), and come in different styles and appearances, to let the vapor enthusiast select the one that most appeals to their sense of aesthetics and feel.

Our hands-on review of VaporFi is a must read if you’re new to vaping or looking for a high-quality, affordable store to shop for your everyday vaping supplies.


To a lot of e-cigarette enthusiasts, Vapor Fi e-cigs are the best e-cigarettes on the market, and they’re quickly making their presence known in the marketplace, thanks to their reasonable cost, available styles, and different customizable types, as well as their wide variety of available flavors to sample, savor, and just plain enjoy, with or without nicotine.

One of the reasons for the appeal of Vapor Fi is their utilization of common “510” threads for screwing the fluid tank and the heat element – the atomizer – to the power cell. Vapor Zone uses this threading to make using any cartomizer, clearomizer, or atomizer available for purchase possible, creating a wide variety options in using and customizing the vaping experience to individual tastes:

  • Atomizers, which contain only a heating element and a small reservoir to which the e-cig user adds a few drops of flavored fluid at a time
  • Clearomizers, comprised of a liquid-holding reservoir with a wick surrounded by a heating element, which then absorbs the tasty flavored juice, delivering it to the element
  • Cartomizers, which have a copper coil as a warming element, wrapped in a poly blanket, which absorbs and delivers the flavored liquid

Battery Performance

Apart from this variety of liquid-holding reservoir options, the different sizes, style options, and wide-ranging power cell choice offered by VaporFi e-cigs have led their constantly growing fan base. Though in some cases larger and less traditional looking than disposable electronic cigarettes in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes, VaporFi remain easily held and simple to use without standing out in a crowd when used in public or in other situations where one might wish to keep their electronic cigarette use discrete.

Their batteries usually last a full day, if not more, even for heavier users and former tobacco users who’ve chosen to switch to the alternative of electronic cigarettes. A number of users choose to have two batteries, so one can be charged while the other is in use, allowing them to always be able to enjoy a satisfying experience with their personal vaporizer anytime they choose.


Rather than requiring a lighter or anything else flammable to enjoy them, VaporFi electronic cigarettes work at the touch of a mere button, which is essentially an on/off switch. When the VaporFi e-cig is picked up to use after having been turned off after the last use, the button must be pushed a few times in rapid succession, to tell the battery to wake up and get to work.

Not only does this help to extend the life of the power cell before its next charge, this also prevents accidentally switching it on while carrying it in a pocket or purse, though even that were to happen, it would still pose no harm, since there is no high heat or flame involved in a VaporFi e-cigarette. Leaving it on could wear the heat element down somewhat, however, if the tank is dry at the time, so it’s always a good idea to switch it off after use.

Some models of Vapor Fi electronic cigarettes offer adjustable power control, which is a convenient way to regulate the amount of power going to the heating element with the simple twist of a dial on the e-cigarette’s end. This is not only useful for extending battery life still further, it also allows the user to adjust the level of vapor for a stronger or gentler taste to the flavor they’ve chosen for the day, and allows them to experiment and see if they prefer certain flavors at different strengths. On top of this, it allows them to decrease or increase the level of nicotine they consume this way.


Of course, no discussion of Vapor Zone products is complete without mentioning the many different flavors of liquids available, all in three different nicotine strengths, and juice with no nicotine is available as well. These flavors run from classic full-bodied tobacco tastes and traditional menthols that recreate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes, to the unusual and interestingly delicious, with flavors like strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and many more. Not only can these juices be used in Vapor Zone e-cigs, they’re compatible with other brands, as well.


With so much available in styles, flavors and all-around options, it’s no wonder VaporFi electronic cigarettes get more popular every day. There’s a model, style, and type of customization to please almost anyone, and satisfy everyone. Vapor Zone is committed to providing the most satisfying electronic cigarette smoking experience possible, and giving users a less harmful tobacco-alternative that will meet their needs, please their cravings, and most of all, provide them with an experience they’ll enjoy.