Vapor4Life Review

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The good

  • Extensive range of flavors
  • Long battery life
  • Friendly customer service

The bad

  • Vapor production slightly lower with the Titan kit

The success of Vapor4Life is truly a word-of-mouth phenomenon, which is perhaps true of the larger e-cig revolution as a whole.

The company first found its roots in 2008 when owner Steve Milin felt inspired by the vaping technology, and recognized the potential for him and other smokers around the world.

Steve and his crew have worked effortlessly over the years to formulate the best e-liquids, the classiest battery designs, and the friendliest customer service.




The fundamental goal of the company was to invent a vaping product that could offer an alternative to smokers that would be less harmful on their lungs and their family members, but that’s the same medical promise that’s being offered by every e-cig brand on the market. What really separates Vapor4Life from its competitors is the consistency and compounds of the product’s vapors, when vapor controversies have been rife in other e-cig products whose flavor, consistency, and experience suffer as a result of inferior craftsmanship compared to this vapor industry leader.

Vapor4Life Review

The success that Vapor4Life has seen comes from the quality products produced and the word on the street spreading about those products. This success is about as natural as a company’s popularity can be, and many fans of electronic cigarettes are fervent fans of this particular brand and everything that it stands for. Our Vapor4Life review below is based on a two-week testing of their line of e-cigs, and thanks to a company actually delivering on their promise of quality, quantity, and customer service, we’re coming away from our first Vapor4Life experience a loyal customer.

Whether or not customers will share our loyalties depends on how fitting the best aspects of Vapor4Life are for their individual smoking habits. Read on to explore our experiences in depth, dissected, detailed, and described from day one to day last.


If one was forced to pick one element of Vapor4Life’s product that stood out among its peers and distinguished it from the masses, it may well be the design. The design of electronic cigarettes has gone through some rocky times, with many manufacturers not completely understanding what the consumer wants this new product to look like. Many of Vapor4Life’s competitors, including such standouts as Vapor Couture, have distinguished themselves with customizable e-cigs that are replete with fun and individuating accessories that transform the smoking experience into something stylish and personable, and Vapor4Life follows that innovative direction in spades.

Vapor4Life have taken this matter into their own hands and designed a product that they would personally like to use. Part and parcel of a good cigarette manufacturer comes down to whether or not the company behind the brand are smokers themselves, and the genuine manufacturers are easy to tell apart from the pretenders who are trying and failing to design a product they don’t even use in their personal life. The end-result of Vapor4Life’s authenticity is a series of designs that are elegant, understated, traditional, and yet utterly modern. However, the key word here is understated. The electronic cigarette is being branded as a lifestyle product, so it only makes sense for Vapor4Life to design their interpretation with this in mind. While many of its competitors produce gaudy and showy e-cigs, Vapor4Life prefers a minimalistic style that’s suited to any smoker who wants to be confident in his or her cigarette without calling attention to it.

Due to the inherent design of e-cigs, unnecessary flourishes of design tend to cause bulk in the product that can make smoking a difficult and even painful habit when the weight and aerodynamics of the cigarette are not in keeping with the traditions of the light and fluid cigarettes that have become the mainstays for the vast majority of smokers. Vapor4Life’s minimalism is to the benefit of those customers who prefer usability and practicality to decked out flamboyance.

Vapor4Life considers electronic smoking a respectable alternative, and their product designs mirror this respectability in their classically usable models.



Vapor4Life offer a frankly gigantic range of flavors – their customers can find the perfect vape for the perfect situation, outfitting smokers with a wider variety than normally found in the traditional cigarette. This level of customization adheres to a modern business model that dictates how and why variety and choice prevails – today’s market wants options and more options on top of those options, and Vapor4Life has stacked that deck in their customer’s favor.

Perhaps best of all, the quality of these flavors are all of a good standard in line with the consistency of the product’s vapors. Other cigarettes have difficulty maintaining the taste of their flavors after a certain number of smokes, but at no time during our two-week trial run did he ever manage to wear down the finely flavored tastes of our various Vapor4Life cigarettes. And that’s not to say we didn’t try – throughout those fourteen days we put these cigarettes to the test, yet no matter how often we smoked the same cigarette we could not reduce the consistency of the flavor varieties.

The familiar tobacco flavored cartomizers, along with the menthols make up a large chunk of the most common sales made by Vapor4Life. Traditional smokers are still adjusting and acclimating their tastes to the e-cig market, so the closest corollaries within that market are still the standouts in terms of popularity. However, the degree of specificity is remarkable throughout Vapor4Life’s flavor options. For example, in the menthol range, an Apple Breeze flavor really offers a fresh and intriguing take on the classic, soothing style, and its consistency remains as strong in the first puff as the very last.

Vapor4Life’s Triple Nickel and Coffee flavors are both best-selling varieties that have received a great deal of critical acclaim within the community. They offer strong yet subtle interpretations of these classic flavors at a surprisingly affordable price, and the success of these unique flavors shows a promising future for the many ways in which e-cigs are capable of adding variety to the smoking experience. The myriad of flavors offered by Vapor4Life are primed to be just the tip of the iceberg – the horizon is limitless, and the ways in which flavors can be introduced through e-cigs are easy and limitless, slowed only by the acclimation of the customer.


Vapor Performance

Long-lasting and consistently smooth until the cartomizers run out – that’s the bottom line promised by this company, and it’s a stance that has so far proven to be true and enticing to many consumers. The flavors on offer here provide a solid vaping experience that can range from the utterly unique Peach Cobbler to the reliably ‘WOW’ tobacco range.

In consumer reviews, the performance of the vapor receives acclaim and is considered to be one of the most consistently natural and long-lasting e-liquids and cartomizers on the market today. This is particularly important considering how smokers are going to be wed to the performance of their electronic cigarette, and the bad purchase of a poorly made product will limit the efficiency, reduce the battery life, and ultimately ruin the investment that quality e-cigs can be in improving the health and finances of smokers. Vapor4Life, along with other e-cigs in the V2 line, are recommended by the fact of their quality alone, since it’s important for this new innovation in modern cigarettes to put their best foot forward in converting traditional smokers into the modern realities of smoking in the technological age.


Battery Performance

Right in line with the design of the battery, the life of the battery belongs in the upper tier of things to love about Vapor4Life. In the Vapor Zeus range of batteries, a single charge can last for just under a full day (20 hours), longer than most of the competition, and this is just one of many options that provide longer life for those that need it. This is a key feature for traditional smokers who aren’t used to meditating their smoking habits by the limitations of batteries, allowing people to smoke as often as they want so long as they practice some diligence in making sure their e-cig is charging when not in use.

Additionally, Vapor4Life are one of the few electronic cigarette companies offering the choice between manual and automatic release batteries. What this means is whether or not the user manually released the vapor, or if the vapor is released when the user inhales. The latter simulates a more realistic ‘smoking’ experience, but the former boasts better battery efficiency.

Although the Titan kit does diminish the vapor productions for Vapor4Life e-cig products, even the diminished vapor production is competitive with other mainstream electronic cigarette products. New customers should not let this con dissuade them from exploring the exciting options of the Titan kit, which can help new e-cig customers get a wider ranging view of what electronic cigarettes can do, and what the future of this new market holds for its customers.



In the early days of a flourishing industry, this is the kind of company that makes it big and becomes a formidable competitor for years to come. Vapor4Life has everything that a consumer would want from an up and coming business in a relatively new industry: a passion for the product and a serious dedication to customer service.

Vapor4Life offers more customization that most electronic cigarette brands on the market, and one can find oneself purchasing flavor after flavor to try out all of the unique options the company has to offer. Some newcomers may find the options available to be somewhat intimidating, but the truth is that it’s worth taking a little extra time to look into the products and their pros and cons. The end result will be a product that has been designed, manufactured, and sold with a lot of love.