White Cloud Cigarettes Review

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The good

  • Smooth draw
  • High nicotine levels
  • Sturdy design

The bad

  • Some flavors are too strong

If you’re an avid smoker, you know the toll smoking takes on your body and your wallet. Searching for a healthier, more affordable way is made easy with electronic cigarettes, which have found a way to bypass the many controversies that have weighed down traditional smoking habits into veritable social stigmas, turning smokers into pariahs and keeping their habits in the corners and outsides of restaurants, bars and other indoors public establishments. E-cigs don’t actually contain any tobacco, when smoking laws prohibiting the habit only do so under the strict specifications of tobacco laws, which means that electronic cigarettes are ultimately exempt from the legalities that have shackled traditional smokers.


Originally invented in China by a company called Ruyan, e-cigs have undergone quite a few transformations since their local market introduction in 2007, and many of the top brands that have emerged in the industry have found themselves no small degree of celebrity thanks to their services, customers, and innovations.

With White Cloud Cigarettes you have a system that allows you to enjoy a nice smoke without all of the extra toxic chemicals in normal cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also do not produce smoke, but vapor, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about smoke in the faces of friends and family, and smoky, smelly clothes. Restaurants, bars, and even airplanes have begun loosening their regulations for e-cig smoking, positioning electronic cigarettes as the true savior of the smoking habit.

Not only do White Cloud cigarettes allow smokers to enjoy themselves in comfortable social situations, but also medical experts have even begun pointing to quality e-cig brands as the preferred means of quitting smoking. Due to the lowered chemical amounts and the ability for smokers to adjust the nicotine levels themselves, e-cigs are the perfect tool to use when weaning down or off the habit completely, allowing smokers to maintain their oral fixation while protecting their health.

Despite the cure-all praise for electronic cigarettes, products like White Cloud cigarettes remain legitimate, authentic smoking alternatives to the traditional tobacco models of a bygone era, containing enough nicotine and clean chemical compounds to give smokers exactly their craving without all the smell and fuss associated with traditional smoking. E-cigs are not toys or “imitation” cigarettes, but fully functioning smoking devices that have seized on modern technological conveniences to construct a better cigarette for a better generation of smokers – and White Cloud cigarettes are leading the charge.


Editor’s White Cloud Cigarettes Review

With tax prices on a package of cigarettes climbing higher and higher, it’s becoming more and more expensive to be a smoker. Products designed to help you quit smoking aren’t cheap either. However, with one cartridge from White Cloud offering the same as two packs of regular cigarettes, one White Cloud e-cig can drastically reduce the price tag on your smoking. Since the first electronic cigarette debuted on the markets, e-cig producers have known traditional smokers would be reluctant to embrace a new twist on an old habit, and so began to incentivize a new generation of smokers by manufacturing e-cigs to be better for health and wealth, hitting customers where it counts – their wallet and their hearts. Community reviews and firsthand accounts have compared the price of your average e-cig with the price of your average traditional cigarette, and the differences between are a scathing criticism of the traditional industry: e-cigs average almost 50% savings after the first year thanks to saved costs on packs and replacement, with a single electronic cigarette generally averaging hundreds of smoking sessions.

The health benefits of White Cloud electronic cigarettes started this article, and there’s more still to discuss in the revolutionary innovation that turns e-cigs into legitimately healthy ways to either diminish smoking regularity or do away with it altogether. White Cloud Cigarettes are also great for those trying to quit smoking because you can choose your nicotine level, starting at xxtra, or 5.4% nicotine content, taking small steps all the way down to 0% nicotine. University and scientific studies on the nature of smoking addiction often found oral fixation as a root cause or contributor, which suggests that hold a cigarette in hand could become a much more potent tool to stop smoking altogether than the patches and gums that have tried and failed to serve as solutions for the majority of smokers.

White Cloud e-cigarettes are certainly one of the most popular brands out there on the market at the moment, but how do White Cloud electronic cigarettes match up against the competition? Read our in-depth White Cloud Cigarettes review to find out.



White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus Kit

White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus 3x Kit

White Cloud e-cigs come in two varieties, disposable and non-disposable. Both have basic components of a flavor cartridge and a heating element that turns the flavored liquid and a small amount of nicotine into vapor – all without the traditional odors associated with smoking. All non-disposable versions can be recharged via a USB charging device. AC adapters for your wall outlet, and DC adapters for your car are also available. In the non-disposable version, the flavor cartridge is called a SmoothDraw cartridge, and can be changed out for other flavors as you like. In the disposable version, called Flings, you cannot remove the flavor cartridge, and purchase the whole system via which flavor you would like.

This setup is now relatively common across the market – new users tend to prefer the disposable cartridges as they are easier to replace. But expert electronic cigarette experts tend to jump to refillable cartridges later as they can be cheaper and offer an arguably better vaping experience. It is good, therefore, that White Cloud offer purchasers both options.

But if both disposable and non-disposable e-cigs offer the same benefits for a customer’s health, what about the wealth? The prices average out thanks to the reduced cost of disposable electronic cigarettes, while non-disposable models offset their price tag with a lasting lifespan that’s good for hundreds of smoking sessions without the inconvenience of having to constantly dispose of the used up cartridge. Which cigarette is right for you depends on your own habits, but customers should rest assured that both solutions come packaged with the same quality and usability that characterizes all of White Cloud’s product line.



One of the great benefits of an e-cig, besides being healthier and more affordable than regular cigarettes, is the variety of potential flavors to choose from. White Cloud e-cigs has four categories of flavors, tobacco, menthol, fruit, and exotic flavors. In tobacco, you’ll find flavors that mimic familiar flavors of normal cigarettes in regular. In menthol, you can find minty blasts with eucalyptus, a refreshing minty blueberry, dark chocolate mint, and a strong, in your face, peppermint blast. Delicious fruit flavors vary from a traditional strawberry to lime and coconut, to banana. Exotic flavors give a decadent twist to smoking, with vanilla, chocolate, espresso, honey and cinnamon, and clove. There are so many flavors available from White Cloud that you can choose a new flavor every day and not repeat for at least two weeks.

These flavors continue the many innovations beyond the electronic cigarette itself, slotted beside the batteries, vapors, and manual chemical gauge as another testament to the possibilities that e-cigs offer. Many of these flavors are completely new to the smoking experience, and while the customer base is tentative to embrace newness and change, electronic cigarettes are already laying down the foundations for reinventing what it means to be a cigarette smoker.


Vapor Performance

For first time e-cig users, the amount of vapor may not seem important, but veteran e-cig users know that vapor is both part of the experience and enhances the flavor. If you’re not getting enough vapor when you inhale, you’re not getting that hit of flavor and nicotine that you crave. In its design, White Cloud e-cigs have something called scavenging whiskers. These are inside the cartridge and act to take in more liquid to be heated, creating more vapor for your inhaling pleasure.

However, it should be noticed that this excess vapor is largely a sensory experience, and doesn’t actually increase the chemical nicotine release. It’s a stylish flourish to be sure, but customers should know that scavenging whiskers will not increase their chemical consumptions – a further innovation that should be applauded for its invention alone, even if it’s not actually adding substance to the product.

The importance of White Cloud Cigarettes vapor consistency and quality is another aspect that sets this product apart from the lesser brands of sub-par quality and ‘beside the point’ flourishes that outfit the cigarette with beautiful colors over manufacturing the cigarette with quality materials. White Cloud Cigarettes is one of the few happy marriages between style and substance in the electronic cigarette market, and that is a trait shared throughout the V2 product line.


Battery Performance

White Cloud Cigarettes 3x Battery

As with any portable electronic product, the battery life is extremely important. You don’t want your e-cig running out of battery when you most need it. An important thing about batteries is the quality. When buying normal batteries in the store, the $5 brand will by far outlast the $1 brand. Also true of poor quality batteries is if you continuously recharge them, they hold less charge and die out sooner. None of these things will be a problem with White Cloud electronic cigarettes. They use one of the best batteries in the industry, and their batteries are protected against losing their ability to charge and hold a charge.

However, these protections should not be misunderstood as blockades. The White Cloud e-cig can wear down its battery life the same as any other cigarette if the battery is repeatedly mistreated by overheating, dropping or improperly storing and charging. Modern consumers used to the mobile technologies on their laptops, smart phones and other devices should use the same caution with e-cigs as they do with their pricier possessions, because the batteries within electronic cigarettes are just as vulnerable to overcharging and diminishing lifespans as laptop lithium.

Electronic cigarettes that been in the market for over ten years, although their presence in the global mainstream has only recently begun. Companies like White Cloud Cigarettes, and by extension most V2 brands, have gone through enough rigorous trial and error already to produce a thoroughly tested product for present day audiences to enjoy. Top tier brand names like White Cloud Cigarettes have an extreme lack of problems in their hardware and performance, leaving the pros multitudes and the cons sorely lacking.

However, despite the money saving prospect of e-cigs, the initial investment into the fold is slightly more costly than the financial testimonies would lead customers to believe. Many e-cigs cost anywhere from sixty dollars to over one hundred and fifty dollars, with White Cloud Cigarettes falling into the bargain end of that level but still exceeding the average ten dollar price tags for traditional cigarettes. That said, purchasing e-cigs should really be considered an aforementioned “investment,” since the money saving bottom lines of electronic cigarettes will take several months before becoming readily apparent in customer bank accounts. Sometimes people have to spend money to make money, and that age-old adage couldn’t be a better fit for the electronic cigarette – costly up front, but paying off dividends with each consecutive month of use.



It is an undeniable fact that regular cigarettes contain tons of harmful chemicals, but it’s really only the nicotine that our bodies crave. White Cloud e-cigs satisfy that nicotine craving by delivering small amounts to you in vapor form. With an e-cig, there’s no unsightly burn marks in your upholstery, no dank smoky smell in your clothes, and no tar stained walls in your home.

Electronic cigarettes represent the next step in smoking evolution, developing the habit into something that’s more socially acceptable, health conscious, efficient and affordable, attacking the limitations of traditional smoking from all sides and all angles in an onslaught against everything that is controversial and off-putting about bygone smoking habits.

With e-cigs like White Cloud Cigarettes, smokers no longer have to face that stigma when they light up in social situations, while smokers with illnesses, pregnancies and other health concerns will find it easier to abate their habit by switching over to a healthier tobacco free alternative that lets them control how much nicotine intake they want with each drag of their electronic cigarette.

It’s possible for many smokers to eventually wean themselves off nicotine entirely thanks to the psychological benefit of maintaining the oral fixation, while smokers who are comfortable with their habits can enjoy powerful nicotine tastes by manually adjusting the chemical composition inside of their e-cig. The nicotine content is entirely dependent on the cartridges themselves, giving smokers even more control over the dosage and potency of their smoking.

This isn’t to say that e-cigs aren’t subject to their own unique controversies. Electronic cigarettes are currently not regulated by the FDA, which has led to some concerns about the validity and safety of ingredients. Furthermore, just because e-cigs produce vapor does not mean that vapor is utterly harmless, and certain reports suggest that people with sensitivities may be irritated in the eyes and allergies by the presence of e-cig vapor.

However, these controversies remain unverified questions due more to the global popularity of electronic cigarettes than any legitimate concerns over the products themselves. With popularity comes some infamy, and smokers should take heart in the fact that electronic cigarettes have obtained enough name recognition to solidify their marketplace success and emphasize the celebrity of the first major cigarette innovation in almost a century.

With a variety of flavors and exceptional battery life, White Cloud e-cigs will always be a delicious break that’s ready when you are. White Cloud therefore makes for a good choice for those looking to try out the electronic cigarette craze, although newcomers should take heed not to overwhelm themselves with the many choices and flourishes available in this exciting new generation of the cigarette.